Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cavs/Magic Game 6 (1st Quarter)

And we are underway with a must win game for the Cavs in order to keep this series going. After one quarter of play it looks like the refs are calling this game tight (excessively in my opinion) even though the contact in this game appears to be similar to Den/LA game 6 last night (Which I thought was called fine). With that said there were only 7 fouls called (5 for the Cavs and 2 for the Magic) Consistency will be key here. I noticed a couple of contact plays that appeared to be fouls by the ref's standards tonight, yet no call being made.

Here are my time stamps

1st quarter

10:05 Howard barely touches Wallace as he drove for a layup (looks like they are calling this game tight)
9:50 Wallace had as much contact on Lewis as Howard did on Wallace (No call, Consistency?)
7:03 Ilgauskas called for a shooting foul against Lewis (After viewing it multiple times appears that Lewis went around Ilgauskas arms, if the foul is on anybody it should have be Wallace, who had some contact with Lewis’s right arm. Even then a foul there is pushing it)
6:40 Turkoglu called for a shooting foul against James (Arm hit James lightly over the head, let them play)
1:23 Gibson called for a foul against Howard (He barely touched Howard as he went up)
56:6 Wally clearly goes across the court to push Howard no call (It wasn’t a lot of contact but it was entirely pointless)
11.0 Howard drives and gets contact that has been called a foul in this game already, but receives nothing (Consistency?)

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