Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cavs/Magic Game 6 (2nd Quarter)

Wow, this is two games in a row now that we games being called loosely and more important, somewhat consistently. As you will see in my time stamps of questionable/no calls, I am pretty much nitpicking. I didn't like the Gortat defensive 3 seconds call or Williams call, but the other 9 calls seemed perfectly ok to me.

My only complaint is that I felt like the officials loosened up in the 2nd quarter and that led to some players (specifically James) to go to the hole and get contact that they thought would get them a foul from what they saw in the 1st quarter, but come up with nothing. As long as the officials stick with their 2nd quarter definition of contact for the rest of the game there should be no complaints from fans.

The NBA: Where Reading Bill Simmons Happens?

Here is my 2nd quarter time stamp sheet.

2nd Quarter
10:38 Mo Williams called for a foul for riding Pietrus hard (There was very little contact)
7:17 Gortat called for defensive 3 seconds (He was heading towards a offensive player in a active defender role on his 3rd second which is allowed if it is imminent that he will become a active defender)
6:34 James drives and gets into contact with Howard that has been designated early by the officials as worthy of a foul, yet gets nothing (Consistency?)
1:46 Lewis knocks the ball out of James hand and it goes out of bounds, but the officials say Lebron touched it last (Replay shows that Lewis was the last to touch it)

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