Friday, May 29, 2009

DEN/LA GAME 6 (2nd Quarter)

Going into halftime, I have to say that for the most part the refs tonight are doing a good job of being consistent and not calling to many fouls. There were 10 fouls this quarter (4 more than the 1st) With 7 against LA and 3 against Den.

Some bad calls that I noticed were the defensive 3 in the key called against LA (Look at the play in slow-mo multiple times, could not find the offender) and the horrific call on Martin (He didn't even touch Bryant on his shot).

The officials did do a good job on calling Gasol for traveling (He landed on his right foot a split-second before his left foot came down, then proceded to use his left foot as a pivot foot) and Nene for a illegal screen (He was still moving and did not give enough space for Walton to be able to make a turn; which are stated in rules for when a offensive player sets a screen to the side of a defensive player who is moving.

As always, my time stamps of calls I found questionable/interesting.

2nd quarter

10:15 defensive 3 in the key against a unidentified laker (After looking at the play about five times it appeared every player became a active defender before the 3 seconds in the key limit was reached)
3:44 Great traveling call on Gasol
3:09 Martin gets called for a shooting foul against Bryant (Horrific call, if there was a foul on anyone it was Nene, and even then it’s inconsistent with the bumping they have been allowing since the 1st quarter.
2:58 Fisher called for a reach after Billups lost the ball and quickly regained control (both guys were going for it and Fisher barely touched Billups in the process)

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