Friday, May 29, 2009

DEN/LA GAME 6 (1st Quarter)

Trying something new tonight, going to update the blog after every quarter and then wrap everything up with a final game summary once this thing goes final

Here's my 1st quarter analysis

1st Quarter

11:35 loose ball foul on Billups (no obvious foul by either player, no need to call that)

With the first quarter over, I am absolutely giddy about how laid back the officials are tonight. They are letting the players go at it and not calling slight contact when a player drives. They called only 6 fouls (3 on each team) and all but one of them (The loose ball foul on Billups was pushing it a bit, could have as easily been on Kobe) were good calls. 
Now lets see how consistent the officials are through out the game with the precedent they have set this quarter.

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