Friday, May 29, 2009

DEN/LA GAME 6 (3rd Quarter)

Well the good times needed to partially come to an end I suppose. After only 16 fouls in the 1st half, the guys in stripes called 15 fouls in the 3rd quarter (6 on LA and 9 on Den). It started go downhill at 11:03 in the quarter when Jones got T'd up for excessive celebration (waving his arms) after Bryant air balled a three. From there on out the refs tensed up and started calling fouls on contact that was not foul worthy a quarter ago.

The time stamps for fouls are located below (Notice the increase in bad shooting foul calls after the T)

3rd Quarter
11:03 Refs call a T after Jones celebrates Kobe air balling a three (This may be our turning point into horrible refereeing) Jones was illegally screened by Bynum on the play. The NBA: Where Emotion Doesn’t Happen!
9:54 Ariza fighting for position on the block called for a foul (This is playoff basketball, you do not call that)
9:12 Fisher called for a shooting foul against Billups (He jumped straight up, barely touched Billups)
8:40 Slightly questionable reach in by Jones (He was riding his defender hard)
5:03 Very bad call against Billups who was guarding Bryant. He tripped on Nene’s feet and the refs interpreted that as contact on Bryant while he was shooting (Billups barely touched him
4:10 Another bad call against Anderson for a moving screen (Fisher, who was the target of the screen, never touched him)

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