Friday, May 29, 2009

DEN/LA GAME 6 (4th Quarter/End of Game Wrap-Up)

Denver exits the playoffs with a whimper as the Lakers finish the job in the 4th, winning 119 to 92.
There were only 9 fouls called (3 on LA and 6 on Den) and while the refs managed to change course back to their 1st/2nd quarter form, that probably had more to do with the Lakers expanding their lead early in the 4th to the high teens than the refs realizing they had tightened up after the T in the 3rd.

Some bad calls I noticed were Gasol hacking Nene's arm while he was shooting (A no call), The flagrant 1 on Billups (He did hit Gasol on the head, but a flagrant 1 is defined as being "unnecesary" and in my opinion Billups was trying to block Gasol's shot and fell short because Gasol is 7 feet tall while Billups is only 6 foot 3) Also the foul on Carmelo when Odom backed up so fast that he fell down by himself was a bad call.

It will be interesting to see if through out the rest of these playoffs, referees increase their foul calls immediately after a T or flagrant foul is issued, due to fear of losing control of the game.

In terms of statistics, the teams had a combined 148 2's, 35 3's, 49 FT's, and 40 personal fouls. All in all a pretty good job by tonight's referees(Joe Crawford, Mike Callahan, and Mark Wunderlich) in keeping the game moving and being somewhat consistent throughout the contest.

Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for Cavs/Magic game 6.

Here is my (brief) 4th quarter foul time stamps

4th quarter
9:18 Gasol hacks Nene’s arm as he shoots, no call.
5:38 Flagrant foul 1 on Billups (He did hit him on the head, but flagrant rules say....
4:53 Foul on Carmelo (Odom kept backing up on him and fell when Carmelo backed up faster)

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